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Glinter®-Silver Substitute is an almost care-free metal product that can be made into beads, clasps, earrings, headpins, charms, chain, and wire - as well as other items normally made with sterling silver. It doesn't tarnish like sterling plus the composition is made so that the beads are hard and strong, the headpins and earrings are half hard. Glinter® is made in both antique and bright finish.  Glinter® is a solid metal made of zinc and copper with a little silver added. When worn for a long time, as with all metals, it may possibly turn slightly dull. Glinter® can be brightened by cleaning it with a polishing cloth. It's a wonderful product as it wears so well and looks so good for an extremely long time. 


Glinter® should be wearable by the majority of the population as it is lead, nickel and cadmium SAFE. It cannot be labeled nickel free but it has four times LESS nickel than most surgical steel jewelry, the most commonly used ear piercing material in the U.S. At the time of this writing no U.S. standard exists for nickel content in jewelry components.


Glinter® is also considered lead SAFE as it exceeds the U.S. standard for lead content in jewelry.


Glinter® is intended for use by adults. 

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